It’s been a while since our last newsletter and plenty has changed – but we hardly need to point that out. The club has some important updates.

2020 Club Competition
We’ve arranged a club competition for paid members. Entries close this Saturday 27 June 2020. More information can be found on the forum.

Monthly Club Meetings
With gradual lifting of social restrictions, the committee is looking to resume monthly club nights as soon as practicable. We’ll be doing this a little differently to usual in order to minimise risk – but nothing drastic. Our goal is to get together, enjoy beer, and have some good banter – plenty of isolation stories to be shared I’m sure.
We’re on track to host an August meeting, but this is subject to restrictions. Watch that space.

The annual Oktoberfest event will be a little different this year – but we’re committed to getting it done. We’re looking at options for catering and venue at the moment. Now is a good time to brew your favourite German beer for the event as they often benefit from a long conditioning time. We’ll be running a German beer comp to recognise the best entries.

Craftbrewer Discount
Our member discount for Craftbrewer purchases has been revised to add value for paid members. We now have a 5% discount code for the overall purchase price! The code is CBC.Discount.Code.2020 and is valid through to June 2021.

Membership expiry
On 30 June 2020, we’ll be disabling forum access for members not yet having paid for a 2020-2021 membership. We’ve emailed unpaid members with information on membership renewal.

We’ve extended the expiry date of club memberships to 30 June 2021, which means paid members have gained six months of free membership courtesy of the club. June 30 will become the new membership expiry date moving forward.

Social Activity
We’ve increased focus on the social aspects of the club – most notably the Canberra Brewers Members Facebook page, and brewer catchups on Zoom, including beer tastings and collaborative brewdays. We expect this platform to continue post-pandemic as online comms are of great value to the club.

We were privileged to host brewing historian Peter Symons earlier in the year for a presentation on Old beers. We’re working on the video for that presentation and will have it ready soon.

If you’re in our Canberra Brewers Facebook Group you would have received an invitation to a tasting session for the limited-run Russian Imperial Stouts recently released by Canberra’s own BentSpoke and Capital breweries. Richard Watkins from BenSpoke and Adrian Graeber of Capital will be joining us via Zoom to talk us through their respective beers as well as join in some brewing chat. This is a great opportunity to hear direct from two of Australia’s top breweries how they went about making these rich and complex beers, as well as to ask some questions and drink a couple of tasty distanced beers with your fellow club members.

With the potential for in-person club meetings on the horizon Kip is keen to get some in-person education sessions going as well. These are a key part of our monthly meetings, for new and veteran brewers. Some ideas are in the works but get in touch with Kip or keep and eye on the forum if there’s anything in particular which you’d like to see or if there’s something in particular you’d like to demonstrate.

Lastly, the club library! This is a really great resource – two huge crates crammed with books on beer and brewing. We manage the library through an online system called Librarika (some of you know this, some may not) so if you haven’t got access/an account get in touch and we’ll get you set up. If you get an account but find it a bit hard to decide on a book since their titles are almost exclusively variations on the words ‘beer’, ‘brewing’, ‘how’ and ‘great’ then put something up on the forum for advice or drop Kip a line to arrange a time to have a look.

We’re working on lining up some BJCP Judging events soon – watch that space.


Stay safe and brew strong!

Michael Brown (MTB)

I love brewing these style of beers and I’m excited to put them in cans for the first time with Flemm. The wild yeast creates some funky characters with a touch of sweaty horse blanket and zoo like aromas. I cannot wait for people to taste what has been years in the barrelling..
~ Richard Watkins Co-founder and Head Brewer

Flemm owes its namesake to a Belgian farmer who guided Richard & Tracy’s beer selections during a trip to Belgium, where Richard discovered a deep appreciation of barrel-aged beers.

Complex and “isolating”, Flemm encourages flavours of toffee malt, plum & raisin fruity esters with lacto and acetic acids, as well as sweaty “horse blanket” wild yeast characters. Bentspoke has taken the long road with this beer, ageing it in oak for 12 months and then blending with other unoaked versions to balance the acid and add vibrance to the beer. Recommended to be enjoyed in a tulip glass – with some Passendale cow’s milk cheese.

What should you expect from this beer?

Wild yeast character adds a subtle “funk” to the beer, resulting in a more complex flavour profile in comparison to increasingly common lacto-only sour beers in the craft beer scene presently. This is welcomed; time spent in the barrel adds a depth of flavour that quick-turnaround beers typically cannot flemm_canachieve. Hops are stylistically non-existent here.

Flavour and aroma profile changes as the beer warms and introduces more malt complexity. Sourness is subtle and does not dominate – this is a good option for those keen on Belgian styles but not so keen on sour or “funky” notes as neither of these are overly prominent.

Where can you find it?

Flemm is available locally everywhere in the ACT and available throughout the country with Bentspoke’s great network of retail partners. It will also be available at their Braddon Brewpub in cans and for Traveller fills.

Canberra Brewers is proud to partner with local friends such as BentSpoke. These extraordinary times are ideal for checking out new styles and gaining inspiration as brewers.


The committee has decided that, in the interest of public safety, we are postponing the monthly meetings until further notice due to Covid-19.
We’re brainstorming ways to reach out to our community while we’re in isolation, particularly since many brewers will have some extra brewdays on the horizon. The forum, or our Facebook group “Canberra Brewers Members” is the place to go to post about your latest brewdays, ask for advice, or just show off some brew gear.
Keep an eye on for the latest advice and guidance. Stay safe, wash your hands, feel free to panic buy some Tooheys Extra Dry in case you need to distill something for sanitizer.