Why enter a competition? Believe it or not, winning is not a primary reason for brewers entering. Competitions provide the opportunity to receive objective feedback from experienced judges on their entry against a specific style criteria, and the constructive comments and suggestions provided by judges can then be used by the brewer to brew a better beer or validate the fact that the brewer has a great example of a style.

Club Competition 2020

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve adapted to overcome the risks and complexities involved in running a competition. Entries are open to paid club members, with entries closing Saturday 27 June 2020.

If you wish to submit an entry and you’re not yet a member of Canberra Brewers, you can become a member here.
Club members can find more information on the forum at Current Competitions.

Open Competitions

The ACT Australian Amateur Brewing Championship is open for members and non-members, with member entry costs subsidised by the club. We’ll keep our members posted when this is scheduled.

Club Competitions

Our goal is to run 2 competitions during the year for paid members of the club. The competitions cover all 20 categories of Beer, Mead & Cider (10 categories per competition). The cost per entry is $5 and the money raised is used to cover the cost of running the competition.


Canberra Brewers use the style guidelines from the Australian Amateur Brewing Championship (AABC) which are available from the AABC Website or via email from the Competition Secretary.

Entries for the competitions must be registered via the online entry form and labelled with the identification number provided upon entry, details on how to enter can be found under Current Competitions on the Canberra Brewers forum page.