Where: As of February 2020, meetings will be at BentSpoke Cannery. The address is 79 Lysaght Street,  Mitchell, ACT 2911. (except October when we have a special event)

When: As of February 2020, the first Thursday of every month (except January).

What happens at club meetings?

First of all, bring some home brew! Second of all, bring some sort of vessel with which to sample other home brew (or mead or cider). We gather from 7:30pm, often with a quick education session (could be a demonstration, presentation or discussion panel) for an 8pm ‘formal’ start. The club’s committee will give an update on club activities and first-time visitors are warmly welcomed, and have the opportunity to briefly introduce themselves, so we know where they’re at with their brewing and what they’re interested in. This helps us give advice and plan future information sessions, which might encompass talks at a meeting, hands-on demonstrations, informal discussions or perhaps future tasting sessions. This formal session lasts anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour, if there is a lot to discuss.

After the formal session is finished, we are all about sharing and talking about home brew! Members walk around sharing samples of their beer (likely one they’ve recently bottled/kegged) and discuss recipes, techniques and beers styles – visitors are encouraged to bring their own beer, mead or cider and do the same. Don’t worry if your brew isn’t fantastic, we’re all about helping people improve their beer, so having a taste and a chat can lead to some fantastic tips.

We also run a monthly raffle, with anything from brewing equipment and ingredients to beer and brewery merchandise up for grabs! For every three tickets members buy (at $5 for three), they get one entry into an end of year prize draw for an awesome interstate brewery trip!

You’re more than welcome to come along — the first meeting or two is on us and after that you‘ll be begging for us to take your $40 for a year‘s membership!

Next Meeting

The next club meeting is on Thursday June 3, which is about 3 and a half weeks away. More information about club meetings is available on the Meetings page.

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