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Craig Robinson Memorial Clubman of the year Chris Duffy

Craig Robinson Memorial Clubman of the year Chris Duffy

Some of them anyway, in the form of a break as the last meeting of the year for the club is the annual general meeting – and with it, comes a new team to lead next year.

After the normal banter and greetings that come on club night, the evening started with a short (and actually was for a change) final talk from outgoing Club President Mark Bilbrough and other members of the committee before control of the meeting was handed over to Craig Webber to officially dissolve the current committee and proceed with the AGM.

With only a few nominations the election of the new committee was done quick and control was shifted to the brand new committee for 2015 led by Club President Joel Baines.

Andrew Chek will be the treasurer with Pat Baggoley taking the reins on education.

Stephen Lawford returns to his position after a successful year running the club competitions and Jeremy Michael moving up to Social

Secretary and Tony Hill assisting him.

In a change for 2015 the positions of Editor and Web Master have been merged to reflect changing times and roles with Jay Henry moving into there.

After the formal parts of the AGM were complete Ben Harmer took the opportunity to announce this year’s Clubman of the year which went to none other than club legend Chris Duffy.

For those who don’t know Chris, and let’s face it, the only way you wouldn’t is if you haven’t attended a meeting in a long time, he has spent much of his time dedicated to the club in various roles and always the first to welcome in new members – and yell at everyone to be quiet when needed for announcements.

While there were several worthy nominations for the Craig Robinson Memorial Clubman of the year trophy this year, Chris stood out from most with nominations such as:

“Despite a tough year in his personal life Chris has been at every meeting, doing his thing, working for the club, he is approachable to all, new and old brewers, and has been that way for years”

“Chris has for many years showed the core values of the Canberra Brewers (education of craft beer) and he has provided assistance to all club functions without want of recognition. Chris is one of the club members that go out of their way to welcome new members that often feel out of place on their first meeting, this is also worthy of 2014 clubman of the year.”

“Chris often takes time to give the newer members of the Canberra Brewers advice and talks them through what most would deem simple problems. I have known Chris for many years and he does not do the things he does for any reason but the love of the Canberra Brewers.”

A huge congratulation goes out to Chris.

With 2014 now done for the year, both the outgoing and current committee would like to extend thanks to all members for a great year and wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas.

Here’s to 2015!

The 2015 Committee

The 2015 Committee

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November – the end of the year is almost here

With ANHC out of the way the club met for its second last time for 2014 and relaxed a little with the busy year almost done.

Champion Brewers

Champion Brewers

The AGM was announced by the club president which will see all positions up for re-election to drive the club into 2015.

With many of the current position holders into successive terms, it’s time for other club members to step in and volunteer their time to keep the club running.

With the formalities out of the way, and a bunch of new brewers there on the night, the club took the opportunity to conduct a “fireside chat” to give the newer brewers the chance to ask questions in the audience of some of the clubs more experienced brewers.

The chat was well represented with ten new brewers, of varying skills, experience and brewing techniques, taking the opportunity to better their skills and knowledge and taste of different beers.

Discussions centred on the key elements that need to be controlled to get a quality beer including yeast, temperature, cleanliness and patience.

All of these key elements are applicable from the brewer starting out with kits through to the all grain brewer. Specific questions were asked such as how to get the most out of yeast, what methods could be used to aid with fermentation control without the aid of refrigeration as well as discussing some of the lessons learnt from sanitary practices that might not be lending towards that perfect pint.

The session showcased the willingness of some of the more experienced club members to provide advice to the newer members, something they can access well into the future, with the goal of meeting new people, learning a lot and making great beer.

Tom Dixon was named the 2014 Wig & Pen Trophy winner with his Dusseldorf Altbier – congratulations to him and it should be on tap at the Wig & Pen’s new location early in the new year.

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Next Meeting

The next club meeting is on Thursday February 5, which is six days from now. More information about club meetings is available on the Meetings page.

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