June 2018 Meeting Preview and other notables

Extraordinary General Meeting
6th June 2018 7 pm

Education Session

Education is back in the saddle and June’s meeting will include an education session on Beersmith. We have Mitch Dalton running through the basics of Beersmith and giving members an overview of what this software can do to help your brewing.
If you don’t already have Beersmith, you can download it from http://www.beersmith.com with a free 21-day trial and then pay the full retail price of US$27.95
as a member of Canberra Brewers, you can get it at mates rates for a mere AUD$15.
Read about it here


Thanks to everyone who completed the education survey over the last month or so, the info has been really useful in planning sessions for the year.  Adi has given a rundown on the results of the survey right here


Make sure you check out the library account at https://canberrabrewers.librarika.com/ and check out some great resources and reserve a book or two to read over the next month.  You can reserve a copy of something and we’ll deliver it at the meeting.  If the book is on loan, email education@canberrabrewers.com.au and we’ll arrange it to be brought back for you to borrow.  Don’t have access to the library? Email us and we’ll hook you up.

IHBD Beers

You may recall the club brewed an Irish Stout and a Honey Lager on International Home Brew Day.  While the Honey lager is conditioning for July’s meeting, we will be serving up the stout on Wednesday night…

Club Cups

…and you’ll be able to drink said IHBD Irish Stout out of a fresh club drinking receptacle.

Raffle Prizes

June’s raffle prizes are not excluded to Bentspoke beers, a Plonk hamper, Pilsner malt, yeast, hops, sanitiser and cleaner packs from Mashematics. You gotta be in it to win it!

Club Comp 2

Club Comp 2 is on Sunday 22nd of July.  Now would be a good time to start planning your entries.  You can find Comp 2 schedule here

Six-Pack Swap

Six-Pack Swap is ON!
For those who prefer a variety of beer styles,  why not sign up for the six-pack swap on the forum!
So far, 5 brewers have signed up.
You can also bring a mixed bag if you don’t have six of the same beer to swap.

Accounts Vote

In accordance with the Articles of Association of Canberra Brewers Inc, notice is hereby given that June’s meeting will be an Extraordinary General Meeting.  Held at 20:00 6th June 2018 at Gorman House, Braddon.

The business to be transacted at the meeting is as follows:

  1. To consider and approve the annual report and accounts of Canberra Brewers Inc for the 2016-17 Financial Year.
  2. To consider and approve the annual report and accounts of Canberra Brewers Inc for the 2017-18 Financial Year.

Bring Beer, Get Nookie

We all know that the great thing about being a homebrewer is the joy you feel from sharing something that you have created.  What makes our club the best in the country is that we love to share.  Our club meetings serve a number of purposes and one very important purpose is to provide a space for brewers to share their beers with others.  Not only does this provide social lubrication(essential), it is an opportunity to learn from and be inspired by what others are doing and to get valuable feedback about what you have brewed.

To further encourage and foster beer sharing, we will be awarding additional entries in the annual N.O.O.K.I.E. raffle to brewers who bring beer to meetings.  This is a modest gesture which we hope will acknowledge those who contribute to club meetings in this way.

Brewers who bring at least 750mls of beer will receive 1 N.O.O.K.I.E. entry and brewers who bring a keg will receive 3 N.O.O.K.I.E. entries.

Brewers can claim their N.O.O.K.I.E. entries from the raffle table when tickets are being sold on the night.


We hope to see you all on Wednesday night as we cellerbrate beer together!



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May 2018 Meeting preview and other news

2nd May 2018 – 8pm

Please note there is no education session this month, the meeting will start at 8pm.  However, we will have some special guests from Capital Brewing Co.


No education session this month folks.  After one month in the role, Adi is taking a well-earned break…. Lucky for you there is still an opportunity to learn something because we’ve lined up brewers Wade and Matt from Capital Brewing Co to visit and tell you about the brewery in Fyshwick, how they got started and share some brewing tips.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about another one of Canberra’s great breweries.  Capital Brewing Co has kindly offered to host us for International Homebrew Day and it’s great to have them at the club to tell us more about their brewery.

2018 Club Competition 1

Thanks to all who have volunteered to assist with Club Comp 1 this Sunday 29 April and of course we’d welcome another steward or 2.  It’s great fun and you get to taste some winning beers at the conclusion and eat pizza!

There will be 36 beers in the comp and we will be running five tables of three judges.  Each flight is between six and eight beers.

International Homebrew Day

Saturday 5th May @ Capital Brewin Co.  11am – 4pm
Once again we will be doing our bit for IHBD.  This year it’s the 40th anniversary of the founding of the American Homebrewers Association by Charlie Papazian.  With two recipes to choose from, brewed on uniquely different systems will make for a great day for Canberra Brewers and members of the public.

The official brew day recipes are a Honey Lager
and an Irish Stout https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/homebrew-recipe/dusty-mud-irish-style-stout/

In addition to Homebrewing demos, we also have the following:
12:00pm Home Coffee Roasting
1:00pm Sauerkraut making
2:00pm Charcuterie demonstration


Raffle prizes

Up for grabs this month are two oxygen kits, some bottles of Wig and Pen RIS, Some bottles of vintage cider and the book ‘Tasting Beer’ by Randy Mosher.

Education Survey

To help inform and shape the education sessions this year, we’ve put together a quick survey so members can share their thoughts and ideas on what they’d like to see in the education sessions.
If you haven’t already completed it, please have a look at


Make sure you check out the library account at https://canberrabrewers.librarika.com/ and reserve a book or two to read over the next month.
Adi won’t be at the meeting this month but if you reserve a book for this month by Saturday 28 April, we’ll make sure we get it to you at the meeting.
Don’t have access to the library? Email education@canberrabrewers.com.au and we’ll hook you up.  If you’ve borrowed something recently, please take the time to add a review or even a few comments to help others decide what to borrow.

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Next Meeting

The next club meeting is on Wednesday July 4, which is a week and a half from now. More information about club meetings is available on the Meetings page.

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