November Meeting

Remember to bring some of your home brewed beer to the November meeting at:

7:30pm Wednesday 6th November at Gorman Arts Centre

ACT Beer of show

All members are welcome to go along to the judging of the ACT Beer of Show at Bentspoke starting at 6pm 6-Nov to witness it and have a beer before the meeting.

For those who entred the ACT comp, all of the comp medals and score sheets to give out.

Sharing is caring

Like always we encourage you to bring and share your beer with all of the other brewers at the meeting. You can bring bottles, growlers or even a Corny Keg, it is up to you. A good guide is to bring about as much as you want to drink. There is a Nookie ticket for members who bring beer or buy raffle tickets. If you don’t know what the Nookie prize is, then come and find out.

Membership and Bentspoke Drafters cards will be available at the meeting

As most of you will know by now we are issuing Membership cards so sponsors can identify current members and provide some great offers. Check the sponsors’ page of the forum. Also Bentspoke has generously provided all financial members with a Drafters card that gives you some great discounts at Bentspoke.  Cards and details are available at the meeting.

Education Session

With a recent popularity explosion of hazy beers such as New England IPAs, as well as their acceptance in the 2019 Australian Amateur Brewing Competition, it’s an appropriate time to discuss beer clarity.

The November Education Session will focus on many aspects of beer clarity, specifically;
– Factors influencing wort & beer clarity
– Methods to improve clarity ie filtering, finings, long-term chilling
– Methods to reduce clarity ie malt & yeast selection
– Effects of clarity on beer flavour and preference

This won’t be a NEIPA talk – that’s just a topical example. Fundamental aspects are in focus here.

There will be two samples of a heavily dry-hopped pale ale for attendees to taste: one is clarified and the other is not (they are otherwise identical beers, from the same batch). You will be invited to sample both and discuss any perceived differences. Anyone willing to bring their own fined & non-fined samples of their beer are welcome and encouraged to do so, send a PM to MBT discuss further.


This month’s raffle prizes include a Counter Pressure Filler. Belco Brew supplies have donated 10kg grain and some hop samples and Mashematics have donated various grain and hop samples.


As mentioned earlier, Peter Symons who ran the AABCs this year is a great author of historical beer books including tested recipes for home brewers to use. His books include 6 O’clock Brews about beers from the 40s and Bronzed Brews about Australian Old beers. Both are available from the library. Log on through the forum to see all the books.

See you at the meeting!

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Oktoberfest Meeting at Zierholz – Wed 2nd October

Zierholz Oktoberfest

It’s that time of year again folks!

This year we’re on for a Zierholz Oktoberfest from 7pm on Wednesday 2nd of October and will replace our regular club meeting.

For your hard earned dollars ($30 member and $50 non-member), Zierholz are putting on a German styled banquet for us, as well as throwing in a pint. Pay via card at the door.

We have capacity for 80 odd people, so bring some friends, and register your attendance via this link.

– Book Here – 

If you are not a member and would like to join us, messgage us via Facebook and let us know. Or join on line and see how to pay (only $30 for members) via the forum.

The club miracle boxes will be serving so if you have a beer to share (bottled conditioned or kegged), bring it along – and let us know what you’re bringing in your EOI.

We will be running a German themed raffle and the ‘Best of the Fest’ beer competition again. Bring along your best home brewed German style beer and enter it in a relaxed competition. Beyond pride and heckling advantages, there will also be thank you prizes for the top-3 placed beers in said comp.


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Next Meeting

The next club meeting is on Wednesday February 5, which is about 2 and a half weeks away. More information about club meetings is available on the Meetings page.

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