August 2017 news and meeting preview

The days are getting longer and warmer weather is on the way, at least in theory. This calls for a beer! Our next meeting is this Thursday, 3 August. Here are the deets:

Membership renewals

A reminder that membership renewals for 2017 are now due. Our webmaster ScottyT has been working hard on implementing a new system to make joining the club or renewing your membership easier than ever! Simply go to our new membership page and follow the instructions to renew online.


This month we’ll be talking about yeast rinsing! By rinsing yeast from a freshly fermented batch, you’ll have the perfect combination quality and quantity for the same yeast to start work on a new wort. Our resident ‘yeast whisperer’ will provide a demonstration of how it’s done and discuss the materials and methods necessary to successfully re-pitch from batch to batch!

Comp 2 results

The second club competition of 2017 will conclude on Thursday night. Score sheets, certificates, prizes, awards and Orders of Australia will all be presented. Scores for the beers judged so far are already on the forum.

Many thanks to all the judges and stewards for making Comp 2 possible. We had a great turn out this time!

Six Pack Swap: Dark Fest continues!

The Dark Fest theme was so popular last time that we’re going with it again! Hop over to the forum if you have some dark brews spare and you’d like to get in on the swap.

Off flavours BJCP session – guest spots available!

As you may know, 13 members have been merrily tasting beers as part of the the club’s BJCP style guide course. We have a special session coming up that concentrates on off flavours in beer, and there are a few (only four!) seats available for non course participants at the bargain price of $20 per member. This is a valuable opportunity to calibrate your palate against the most common flaws in homebrew and improve your beer as a result! The session will be happening in Deakin on Tuesday, August 8, from 7pm. If you’re interested, simply add your name to the list on the forum.


Don’t forget to check out the club library account for a book to read over the next month. You can reserve a copy of something and we’ll deliver it at the meeting. If the book is currently on loan, email us and we’ll arrange to have it brought back for you to borrow. Don’t have access to the library? Email us and we’ll hook you up.

See you on Thursday…

Thursday’s club meeting will again be held at the Harmonie German Club in Narrabundah. 7.30pm sharp for the education session, followed by the usual club shenanigans.

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The next club meeting is on Thursday February 4, which is just over a week away. More information about club meetings is available on the Meetings page.

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