New Club Venue: White Eagle Polish Club, Turner ACT


I’m happy to announce that we’ve partnered with the White Eagle Polish Club in Turner, ACT to host our monthly club meetings following the Bentspoke Cannery in Mitchell commencing significant production line upgrades, rendering the venue no longer viable for club meetings. We cannot thank Bentspoke enough for their hospitality in hosting us for the monthly club meetings.

The club’s president, Andrew Bajkowski, has been very accommodating in our enquiries and is happy to work with us moving into the future for monthly club meetings – as well as other events.
This is overall a great result for the club. The White Eagle is located at the Turner shops, directly across from venues such as The Duxton. This gives members an option to grab dinner before heading to the club meeting. Additionally, it is more centrally located in the city, improving travel opportunities for our southside members. One change to the standard schedule, is that club meetings are to occur on Tuesday nights rather than Thursdays – this is due to an existing booking with the club Hall. If this changes in future you can be sure I’ll be grabbing the Thursday timeslot. Until then, we apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

Look out for posts on the forum, and the Canberra Brewers Members Facebook group, for confirmation of the next club meeting.
Looking forward to enjoying a beer with our club members, and prospective newcomers, in the coming months as we return to our standard club meeting schedule.
Club President

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