Canberra Brewers July 2021 Club Meeting – postponed


In light of the heightened level of caution surrounding the recent growth in COVID-19 detections around the country the Committee has decided to postpone what would have been our monthly meeting this Thursday, 1 July 2020.

The recent mask mandate introduced by ACT Health ( and other COVID-related measures show the potential seriousness of the wider situation and have informed the caution behind our decision. At this stage we consider our responsibility to Canberra Brewers’ Club members and as a community group is to hold off on promoting an event where people will gather. For members’ and the community’s safety.

We will have an update next week as to when we may be able to reschedule or if we will have to give this month a miss.

Stay safe, mask up and please reach out if you ever have any concerns or suggestions on how we can make sure our meetings and events are COVID-safe. Hopefully we can share a brew sooner rather than later.


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