5th June Meeting – The beast called yeast

CB_Logo_BKBrewers, there is a lot going on again this month. The June meeting is at Gorman Arts Center as normal at 7:30pm Wednesday 5th June. New members are welcome.

The education session is all about yeast, great yeast themed raffle prizes including a *Fermentasaurus* and IHBD first samples are ready. Six pack swap is on again and we are starting to plan the Xmas party and want some ideas.

As always there will be lots of people trying each other’s beer, mead and cider and swapping brewing knowledge and ideas.


The Education Session will focus on yeast, how to harvest it, clean it, store it and get it ready for use. We will also look at the different varieties and how they affect the flavour of your beer, and how to manage both wet and dry commercial supplies.  Yeast is the fundamental ingredient of the fermentation process and can make or break your beer. This session will help you get on top of your game. Be there at 7:30 sharp to catch it.

Raffle Prizes – Staying in the yeast theme

This month the raffle will have some pretty special prizes. First is a Fermentasaurus. This is a top class fermenting vessel and a mile ahead of an old plastic bucket. Next is a Stir Plate, a critical item for upgrading your handling of yeast, new Member Cards are coming soon, flasks for growing starters and yeast packs.

International Home Brew Day

The first samples of our International home brew day NEIPA (New England IPA) will be there to try. If you saw the hop bill, it was as packed as hay cart at harvest, not sure how it all fitted in as there was several hundred grams.

There is also a rumour of some top class apple cider around for a taste.


Our first comp of the year was on Sunday the 5th May and at the June meeting results will be

Announced so you can congratulate those who had success in the comp (and maybe try their beer).

The next club comp closes mid-July and soon we will be calling for judges and stewards. If you have never done either, you are welcome to volunteer and come and learn how to do it. Ask someone what it is about. The comp will cover all shades of lagers as well as bitters, Belgians, wheat and rye beers, and specialities so start brewing now if you haven’t already started. The full list is on the forum page. https://www.canberrabrewers.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=8145&sid=3bc8598000d5705cf565e79c89e295db


Membership fees are now due and can be paid on the forum. Sorry, no cash at the meeting. Membership cards will be available soon for those how have renewed and can be used for special deals from out sponsors such as Mashematics and Page Bottler. As a Member, you also will be able to get Nookie tickets when you bring beer to meetings or buy raffle tickets.

Social Scene – Christmas party planning

This month we will be asking how you want to evolve the Christmas party. Traditionally it has been a family picnic but Andy Cross would like to see if that is still the most appropriate format still. Please either talk to Andy at the meeting or PM him via the forum. All ideas welcome.


This month you might be interested in Belgian beers. There are plenty of book on the way the Belgians brew. Order your book online and pick it up at the next meeting.

Six Pack Swap

The six pack swap is still open for June. Just bring at least six beers in 330ml or larger bottles and go home with six beers from other brewers. This way you can take time to enjoy the beers you only get a quick taste of on club night. See the forum to let the others know what you are bringing. July and August will have a dark theme so bring you Schwartzbiers, porters, stouts and dark ales.

Have a great June and Brew Strong.




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