Canberra Brewers Meeting – 5th December 7:30pm

Canberra Brewers December Meeting – 7:30pm


Education Session

This month we present Tim from Wild Polly,
a new brewery opening up in Canberra will be giving us a run-down on what he has planned for the brewery, including some of the trials and tribulations of brewing with malted sorghum. Get there for 7.30 to hear all about it.



Hops, Mosaic pale ale fresh wort kit, keg fridge conversion kit and Inkbird wireless thermometer



Make sure you check out the library account. Visit: and check out some great resources and reserve a book or two to read over the next month. You can reserve a copy of something and we’ll deliver it at the meeting. If the book is on loan, email and we’ll arrange it to be brought back for you to borrow.  Don’t have access to the library? Email us and we’ll hook you up.


Christmas Party

Christmas has crept up on us with all our focus on the ANHC this year. We’d like to get an expression of interest for a Christmas party around the next few weekends in December.
Like previous years we would like it to be a family event so we’d like to seek availability of members and their families in the coming weeks to make this happen.
Depending on numbers we will consider events for the kidlets and a suitable location.
Proposed dates would be 8th-9th or 15th-16th December?
Please post your preferred day and how many attending, including kids and their ages here.


National Multicultural Festival Sub-Committee

The 2019 National Multicultural Festival, colloquially known by us as the Multicultural Festival(MCF) will be held on the 15-17th February.  The Festival is far and away our biggest and most important fundraiser and makes possible such things as International Home Brew Day, Wig and Pen Brew day, Oktoberfest, Christmas party, BJCP,  Club Library and more.  We are looking for people interested in being a part of the MCF sub-committee to be instrumental in organising a successful MCF.  Please talk to the President for more information about MCF.


Six-Pack Swap

The last club meeting for the year is next Wednesday 5 December, and along with it is your last chance to join the 6 pack swap. You contribute a six pack of your beers and get to sample a mixed six pack of styles, flavours, brewing techniques and ingredients, all packaged up by your fellow brewers. (It doesn’t matter if your beers will need a bit more time in the bottle before they’re ready to drink, join the swap and just suggest a ‘don’t drink before’ date). Add your details in the forum. Please put some kind of identifying mark or label on your bottles and bring them along to swap on Wednesday night.
A few of us are preparing for the BJCP exam in February 2019 and are looking to hone our beer description skills. This isn’t about passing judgement on your contribution to the swap, but if you’d like to hear feedback on how some of us are learning to describe your beer, mention it in the forum post and we’ll share our thoughts with you.


N.O.O.K.I.E !

Please don’t forget to bring beer to the meeting.  Your committee will furnish you with additional entries in the annual N.O.O.K.I.E. raffle.  Brewers who bring at least 750mls of beer will receive 1x N.O.O.K.I.E. entry and brewers who bring a keg will receive 3x N.O.O.K.I.E. entries.  Brewers can claim their N.O.O.K.I.E. entries from the raffle table when tickets are being sold on the night.

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Canberra Brewers monthly meetings are currently postponed until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Check the Forum or our social media page for updates on club activity.

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