March 2018 news and meeting preview

Time for another meeting already, an time for a new committee! This calls for a beer!

Annual General Meeting and committee nominations

Our March meeting will also be the club’s AGM. All committee positions are up for re-election as per the Rules of Association, and we are taking nominations now! This is your chance to steer the club for the next 12 months. Remember: Canberra Brewers can’t exist without a committee!

The office-bearers of the club are:
(a) the president;
(b) the treasurer;
(c) the social secretary;
(d) the competition secretary;
(e) the education officer;
(f) the editor.

The ordinary committee members of the club are:
(a) the webmaster;
(b) assistant committee member.

Further details, including how to nominate yourself or others for a committee role, are on the forum.

National Multicultural Festival – thank you!

The committee would like to reiterate our appreciation of all the members who volunteered their time for yet another successful ‘multi’.  This event is really valuable to the club, and this year was no exception. Thank you!

Education Session

e1fc4d_0df4a6cb8d4446f8b54632e4359babc5_mv2A big month for education, so big that the education session will be in the main hall because we’re having a return visit from brewer, historian and author Peter Symons. Peter will talk about his new book, 6 O’CLOCK Brews, and the history and evolution of the Australian Sparkling Ale.

Peter’s new work is a continuation, extension and amplification of his previous book, Bronzed Brews. Now after lots more research, including delving into heaps more mouldy brewing books, there are more stories from the past and of course even more (54) old recreation recipes!

Join us in the main hall at Gorman House to hear Peter’s talk at 7.30pm on Wednesday.

Six Pack Swap

As always, those of you who fancy a little more variety in your cellar/fridge should sign up for six pack swap on the forum! Don’t forget you can bring a mixed bag if you don’t have six of the same beer to swap!


What do you do with leftover cases of beer that you didn’t manage to sell at the Multicultural Festival?  Raffle them off of course!  Buy tickets this week and perhaps you’ll be lugging home some cans.

See you on Wednesday…

This month’s club meeting will be held this Wednesday 7th March at Gorman House in Civic. 7.30pm sharp for the eduction session.

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Next Meeting

The next club meeting is on Wednesday June 5, which is a fortnight from today. More information about club meetings is available on the Meetings page.

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